woman grocery shoppingWho would? I do my main grocery shopping in Walmart and as I read this article the giggles kept bubbling up as I pictured all the different scenarios of people caught looking their worst as they shop. I can see the flash go off as I reach for the big 12-pack box of Ramen noodles, or maybe a shot of me wearing both my pairs of glasses, one on top of the other, as I intently try to read the very small print on a box of oatmeal. Or perhaps a freeze frame of me looking delighted as I find cans of split pea soup in the cheap store brand section. It could be so funny! Or not. I get why people don’t want to be one of “The People Of Walmart” (really, even the title makes you laugh) and those who post pictures of random strangers just to have some fun at their expense should realize that it may do some harm. How hard would it be to get their permission before publishing and maybe pay them a little something? Then people might have a sense of humor about the whole thing because they were asked first and got a heads up. Simple courtesies like that would make all kinds of things better in this “online” world of ours.

Photo courtesy of Polycart on Flickr

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