I am a ‘do it yourself’ type of person, mostly from necessity, and yesterday was the day (it was unseasonably warm for Nebraska, 76°!) to go around the house, porch and basement with a can of insulation foam and seal up any little gaps before the really cold weather sets in. The nozzle device that you screw on was missing an important piece. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to get another can for awhile and was so ready to get this done that I had an idea. A BAD idea. I would use a tiny piece of wire in the nozzle…………. Oh yes that would work great I thought! Yippee! Well it didn’t. Before I could even react, pale yellow foam started shooting everywhere. The walls, the cabinets,  there was no stopping it as I ran with it to the porch, where it grew a small  mountain of foam all around itself and then pooped out. What a mess. I am usually the cautious, careful one but it looked like there had been been a food fight using scrambled eggs.

Note: Let this sticky, nasty stuff dry before you try and remove it from things.

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