The gardens are a mess, pruning piles and a lot of cleanup yet to do, but it’s so charming right now. Everywhere the wild violets (both tolerated and loved by my grandmother) are beginning to bloom just in the last couple of days, joining the tall tulips (whipping around, hanging on in the strong Nebraska winds at the moment!), Daffodils, Grape Hyacinth, and still the sweet little blue Scillas. The wild violets are the most welcome sight, popping up everywhere, forming drifts of color. White with plum centers, deep purple, pale purple with deep centers sometimes with a little flash of gold, and a dusky pink. They make the sweetest little long-lasting bouquets. I save tiny bottles just for them.They are tough, not asking for much, and will bloom a long time too. Hurts me to hear people calling these little beauties “weeds.” We all need to continue to change the way we see our yards and spaces around us and adjust to a wild, natural look, beneficial for both us and the environment. I do have a large stand of a Viola cultivar that I planted called “Freckles” but they will join the party later.

I love this woman’s attitude “Plant Whatever Brings You Joy,” it certainly fits with what I have going on in my backyard… and the front yard… and everywhere else. :-) I feel lucky indeed to have these in my world. Thank you Grandmother!

P.S. Press their big heart shaped leaves in a book! Great for crafts and homemade cards.

Photos by Rigel Celeste

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