February is the month when winter loses its grip and we slowly move toward milder trends. When the sun makes serious gains in strength and so do I. It’s when I turn in a good sized seed order to my favorite seed company. When everyone’s moods seem to improve as more and more mild days come along. When a thaw reveals tiny green tops just peeking above the soil against the south side of the house. When birds begin to sing their spring love songs (owls have already begun!). When I begin to prune the fruit trees. When the Ground Hog makes a prediction that almost always turns out to be the opposite of what actually happens. When I sleep better because it’s not so cold upstairs. When I start making little seed-starting pots out of newspaper. When the chinook winds blow, bringing warm southern air. When I turn another year older (yikes). When, even though blizzards still come come out of nowhere, the heating bill begins to shrink. But most of all, it’s the month that I am given lots of wonderful chocolate!

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