We all like neat and orderly (maybe not me so much…), even in the garden, weeds are banned, along with the benefits they offer. Some “weeds” have more to give than we realize. I know about some of these weedy wonders (and a few more) and give them a place in my yard, but I have been very behind in making use of them. I get this weird attitude thing going, like I’m eating something from another planet and I’ll have a bad reaction to it or worse. This year I plan to at least use some young dandelion leaves in a salad. I can do that. Check out this great article on four common weeds, their properties, benefits, and how to use them and then when you see them in your gardens, leave some of them be where they can do little harm and respect them as equals to the other things you grow. I know, it’s an attitude adjustment, but a good one.

Photo by Кукушкин

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