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So much money can be spent on a wedding, but weddings can be eco-friendly and responsibly green just like anything else. Let’s just consider the wedding dress, there are so many options for green, luxurious wedding dresses today it’s hard to know where to begin. Many top designers have green choices in their line this year. Take a look at this one from Threadhead Creations, it’s just beautiful and features organic cotton and hemp silk with “Wild Peace Silk” (cocoons are harvested only after the moths have emerged).

Threadhead Creations

Patty Nayel, the designer at Pure Magnolia, tags her line as ‘eco-centric designs inspired by nature.’ I like that. The organic Cotton Rose Garden Dress is my favorite, I like the beautiful rose treatment on the front. Could have been tacky but it really works. Another eco-friendly designer is Nicole Lenzen, from traditional to a bit edgy, check out her collection. And of course there are vintage dresses, if you can find one in a local shop that would be best, or your mother’s? If that’s not available to you take a look at what “Posh Girl Vintage” has to offer, so many things are marked sold, I think you have to make up your mind pretty fast if you want something there. I think this one is amazing. Know someone looking for their perfect wedding dress? Remind them of all the beautiful, earth friendly choices!

Photo (top) Pure Magnolia

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