*This post contains affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.Wantable-Nov-BoxWantable is an online personal stylist subscription service. They offer several different options, including “try before you buy” in either “Style” or “Fitness” and three monthly surprise boxes in “Makeup,” “Accessories”, and “Intimates.” Just this month they made some changes and are including more premium pieces in more cohesive themes, like “Lounge Wear” and “Lingerie” (as opposed to a general mix of both). Also the price went up from $40 per month to $50, but still with free shipping and a $4 credit every month you keep everything.

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Wantable-Nov-Box-OpenThere’s a fairly detailed style profile that includes your sizes in various items and the option to mark specific things either “Love,” “Like,” or “Dislike.” They’ve revamped the categories to start out as either “Lounge Wear” or “Lingerie,” with subcategories within like socks and bras, of which you can mark “Love,” “Like,” or “Dislike” like before. They send more of the things you love and none of the things you dislike (so you can get lots of lounge wear and socks but only some bras and no panties, for example). There’s also a small field where you can write in additional notes that may not have been covered.

Wantable-Nov-UnboxingI said I loved Lounge wear and dislike Lingerie. I was especially excited for this month as it’s the first with their new higher pricing (even though I’m locked in at the old rate) and more premium items. So here’s what I got:

Wantable-PJ-PantsRene Rofe Double Fun Pajama Pant, $28 The biggest item in the box and a total bust because they’re 3 sizes too big. Won’t even stay up when I’m standing still, ha. Plus, on a side note, they are a really boring and blah print. Thank goodness for free returns.

Wantable-LeggingsMarled Fleece Legging, $24 These are okay, but very underwhelming as I already have gray leggings and these are a little on the short side. The fleece lining and heather pattern is nice, though, and I can wear them with boots to cover the shortness.

Wantable-SocksOver the Knee Bootsocks, $18 Cute in theory, but underwhelming again because A) they aren’t knee highs at all but more “halfway-up-your-calf” highs, and B) they are really thin. Like see-through fishnet stockings thin. Will need to wear other socks with/over them to be even normally warm enough in boots, and because they’re so delicate I’m pretty sure they’ll develop holes in the toes pretty quickly.

Total value: $70

Summary: The value is good for price, but isn’t any higher than previous boxes (last month was worth $81) in relation to the promise of more premium items/higher values starting this month) and many other clothing boxes offer better deals than what amounts to a 30% of retail discount if you’re paying the new $50 price (especially when it’s all surprises/you don’t get to pick anything). Besides all that though this month was a big bust in terms of sizing and just sending stuff that I liked. I have had really good luck with Wantable since I started this summer, however, so I guess I was due! Disappointing that this happened the first month of their new-and-improved model, but I think they’re working out some kinks with the new system (they said specifically that the pants were a glitch in fact — the computer messed up in offering the stylist the option to select them in that size). They were good about the return on the pants, however, and still honored the $4 “keep it all credit” (plus a few dollars) since the return was due to their error.


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