The Twist. It’s painless, kind of fun, and yields amazing results for summer if you start now. The dance originated back in the early 60’s when it seems they named and created all kinds of goofy dance moves. But it’s not just a dance, the moves are great for trimming your waist and flattening your stomach. Just stop and “Do the Twist” a few times a day, working up to a minute of dancing or simple side-to-side twists. No need to put your workout clothes on or go to the gym. There are twist boards or plates that you can buy, you stand on them and twist, I have one and really thought I was mastering the thing till I flew off and hit the kitchen counter (the key element that was overlooked in my excitement being “slow and steady”). Standing feet on the ground is probably best so start now and in June you’ll be glad you did!

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