Treatsie-Review-Sept-2015Treatsie is a monthly box of gourmet sweets, ranging from cookies and cakes to candy, caramel, and chocolate. It costs $19.95/mo for up to $25 of goodies, sourced from 3 different vendors each month.

Treatsie-Review-September-2015Love the seasonal packaging!

Treatsie-Review-Sept-UnboxingThe unboxing — looks yummy! The crinkle paper is always a fun touch. But on to the goodies! Here’s what I got:

Treatsie-Review-Biscotti-1Treatsie-Review-Biscotti-2Treatsie-Review-Biscotti-3Soft Baked Biscotti from Marlo’s Bakeshop, $2.75 each I love biscotti and these were good! Tasted fresh and clean (i.e. not like preservatives), and were just the right mix of soft and crunchy.

Treatsie-Review-Saltwater-TaffySalty Caramel Apple Salt Water Taffy from Salty Road Yum. Salt water taffy is another favorite of mine and this doesn’t disappoint!

Treatsie-Review-BrittleMaple Pecan Brittle from Mighty Brittle A slightly more crumbly version of brittle, and it’s good. It got a little melted in transit I think, as it was pretty well stuck together into one mega-brittle, but it had really good flavor.

Total value: $23.25

Summary: Super yummy and super fun — I love edibles in boxes and Treatsie is a great way to find new brands and try things that may not be available in your area. That being said the value to price ratio isn’t as good as with a lot of other boxes (pay $20 for $23 worth of stuff), but I used a coupon code for this one so it was a better deal (definitely search for codes before you buy!). Not sure if I’ll be continuing another month or not yet, what do you think?

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