At the moment it is almost 51° in my house, not bad! It’s mid-morning and I am on my second cup of tea, using it as a hand warmer. My little herd of cats, who are usually not so tolerant of each other, are sleeping in a cozy pile, a sure sign of chilly temps. I live in a cold house. Choosing to make my way as an artist and work for myself from home has been a freeing, life changing decision that I wish I had made sooner but with it came the need for sacrifices to make it happen. One of those sacrifices is a warm toasty house in winter. Last winter, at the end of March (thank goodness), my old gas floor heater (thermostat set at 54º for winter) sort of “blew up.” I do not have the funds to fix or replace it and now winter looms again. I have a heat surge/fireplace portable heater that was a gift last year from my Dad (thanks Dad!!!) and at the moment it is my only source of heat. I turn it on first thing in the morning and off just before I go to bed (bedrooms are upstairs and are closed off from heat all winter). I am hoping that the gas wall heater in the kitchen still works, as since moving here 15 years ago I have never turned it on. It is a source of hope though.  : )

I remember feeling a bit pathetic about my heating situation until I saw a show on a major network last year about living in a cold house — all the many people choosing to do so and loving it. It was so good to hear how others were also living this way and proud of it. I no longer feel so odd. Obviously some people are very extreme, as in this article in the NY times, and honestly I would be a little warmer here if I had the means, but times are hard and heating bills can be just too high to pay sometimes. Within the week I will see about turning on that little wall heater in the kitchen and I will keep you posted. BRRRR!! Ha!

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