As we all know, our buying habits carry a lot of weight. One thing that is a must-have for a lot of people is a cup (or two or three…) of really good coffee. When the budget gets tight, coffee is still high on the list. So it makes good sense to buy the best you can. Buy what you love but do the world and yourself a favor and buy fair trade organic coffees only. Every month make a point to try another coffee company that respects and lives by these beliefs and in no time you will find some you love and can feel good about spending your money on. Also many companies have a “coffee of the month” club, a great way to experiment and enjoy different coffees. Here are three fair trade organic coffees that caught my eye.

“Nectar Of Life”
With fresh roasted certified organic blends like “Morning Dew” and “Guatemala Hue Hue Tenango” this company offers many different coffees (decaf too) and you are sure to find one to be your new favorite. Such as their “Lattelicious.” “This blend is comprised of 100% organic, Fair Trade certified coffees from Central and South America. This luscious full-bodied blend can be prepared as drip coffee, or espresso. It is bursting with deep chocolate, earthy flavors and begs to be swirled with milk. Utterly irresistible!” You can order as small as an 8oz. package of coffee or as large as 5 lbs. They also have a nice online store with teas, cocoa, flavored syrups, and travel mugs. And the site is very easy to navigate!

“Grounds For Change”
Lots to check out on this company’s website and goodness me, “Nicaragua Segovia” sounds wonderful! “This delightful coffee is grown at approximately 4,000 feet in the lush Nueva Segovia region, near Nicaragua’s northern border with Honduras. We use a gentle medium roast to optimize the distinctive flavor notes of sweet caramel apple and roasted peanut in this clean, bright coffee.” Worth a try! They also offer a selection of teas and chocolate, cocoa, gifts etc. Check them out!

“Enerhealth Botanicals”
Want to get extra health support while drinking your morning coffee? “NutriCafe Immune Support Organic Coffee” might be for you! It’s Enerhealth Botanical’s main product and is described as
“A unique blend of herbal extracts to boost immune system response combined with shade grown fair trade organic coffee. We have taken a top ten rated coffee by Food & Wine and made it better! Suffer from a health condition like acid reflux? Soothing blend with all the benefits of caffeine without the bad side effects.” They have some other interesting health products as well, like energy drinks and something called “Cocoa Mojo” made with coconut milk. This is fair trade coffee that’s good for you in so many ways.

Next time you sit down to a well deserved break with a hot cup of great coffee make sure it’s organic and fair trade, you will enjoy it even more!

Photo (top) by Anna Cervova

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