A must have for summer: the sundress! Maybe you “must have” even three or four of them, from casual to an evening out. Check out Nordstrom — it’s very interesting looking at all the dresses from different makers next to each other. Some look… well… ugly. If you are out shopping for a sundress, their page will help you with a reality check on what might look good on you (and what doesn’t look good on anyone). If they don’t look good on the model, steer clear.

With this rubgy stripe dress sitting or standing you’re really going to dominate the room, the sidewalk, a large stretch of the shoreline…

And where are they getting their inspiration for the prints for some of these dresses? Take this one, only wear it if you want to look like you are so crafty that you used some old vintage curtains( from a musty old men’s study to be precise) to quickly whip up an odd looking dress.
Wearing this creation you will be sure to leave an unintentionally bad impression in whatever circumstance you may find yourself in. If you looked a little pasty and tired before the colors, dumpy print, and “baggy and puffy in all the wrong places” fit will finish you off.
But there are some cute ones, this one from Mimi Chica is simple and black looks great on tan or pale skin tones. It’s very flattering but a little forgiving, and works for night or day.
And a super feminine “I just feel so great in this dress” choice is from the amazing “Free People” company. It’s just the best.
The dress in the main picture above (the “Andean Beauty”) is another winner and is also from “Free People.” See the rest of their summer collection here.

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