Whale TaleThanks to the Sea Shepherd and its brave, hardworking crew the lives of over 900 whales have been spared from a gruesome death at the hands of Japanese whalers. The practice has been banned for many years but whalers get around the ban by insisting that their massive hunts are for scientific research only (research??! What a load of __!). But every year the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society experiences greater success in stopping this horror thanks to the contributions of concerned citizens worldwide.

It was really good to read some good news for a change regarding these “Whale Wars.” I am thankful for these guys and they are true heroes, spending their lives making a real difference. Read more about their organization at SeaShepherd.org. Way to go Sea Shepherd!

Per Jake Richarson on Care2: “One of the Sea Shepherd’s ships is called the Bob Barker and was named after the game show host who donated five million dollars for it. The ship is docked in New Zealand and was retrofitted last year for action. Other celebrities such as Martin Sheen, Daryl Hannah, Edward Norton, Pierce Brosnan, and Christian Bale have also reportedly contributed to their work.”

Photo courtesy of MrK001 on stock.xchng

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