Hmmmmm… do you think Kate needs a diet like this one? The Dukan Diet (heavy on protein, low on carbs and fats) is on the extreme end of things but having been on the Atkins diet years ago, which is very similar, I know that it will definitely work. The problem is that the desire for fast weight loss can make you heavier in the future, then you diet again, and again, which becomes very unhealthy and aging, not to mention depressing! You cannot be on these types of diets very long either, as they aren’t a change-for-life type of thing. But that’s not what Kate is thinking (or her mom) right now, just fast and furious weight loss. The Royal Wedding is in three weeks after all. If you need to lose weight (hoping that you are under a lot less pressure than Kate) remember: don’t crash diet!

Photo by Petr Kratochvil

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