spring garden harvestFew things are better tasting, better for you, and more personally satisfying than vegetables grown and harvested in your own backyard. I’m planning my garden and deciding what I want to grow again this year and what I don’t — every year I step it up a little although I’m in a rental house so that keeps things pretty contained. For those interested in gardening but unsure where to start or intimidated by the process Mother Earth News came up with a list of the easiest vegetables to grow for first time gardeners, so no more excuses! Among their suggestions for beginners are lettuce and greens, perennial herbs, pole beans, and of course tomatoes.

This is a picture of one of my first harvests last year and it looks like I hit the list pretty good! I’d throw cucumbers into the mix too as being among the easiest — they’re tough and very prolific (I was overrun with just three plants).

See the complete list of beginner-friendly veggies and more beginner gardening tips here.

Photo courtesy of Rigel Celeste

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