Tasha Tudor’s Garden is one of my favorite books in winter. Tasha Tudor was a unique person, an artist, writer, and illustrator, eccentric in her older years but what she loved most was her gardens and animals (she kept goats, chickens, cats, a parrot and Welsh Corgis). I am taking a break with a hot cup of tea and book in hand as a blizzard blows outside. The chapters “Prelude To Spring” and “The Garden Awakens” are perfect reading for a day like today, Tasha Tudorcomplete with gorgeous photos by Richard Brown.

Brrrrr…it’s cold out there but it’s February and winter’s days are numbered.

“Life isn’t long enough to do all you could accomplish. And what a privilege even to be alive. In spite of all the pollutions and horrors, how beautiful this world is. Supposing you only saw the stars once every year. Think what you would think. The wonder of it!” ~Tasha Tudor

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