Old Faithful at YellowstoneIt’s alive! The Yellowstone super volcano took a breath about a week ago. It sounds very exciting, something big is going on down there. Yellowstone National Park was a vacation destination for our big family when I was growing up. It’s beautiful. I have so many memories of all of us standing and waiting for the “Old Faithful” geyser to go off and like clockwork it never disappointed us. But no one mentioned we were standing on a volcano — it would have been fascinating knowing we were marching around on top of a volcano! Now the giant volcano is waking up it seems. At the moment it’s not critical as far as they know but if the magma gets much nearer to the surface it won’t be exciting,  it will be life and death for a large part of America. I guess it’s over-due for a major eruption but timelines don’t apply to things like this. They are on a track that is a mystery to all, even the experts. I am far enough away here in NE Nebraska that I would have plenty of reaction time, plus I’m not in the dreaded kill zone so that’s good. With a lot of sleeping volcanoes becoming active around the world though one wonders… what if? Kilmoturtles has some very interesting thoughts on this subject:

“My biggest fear is that the rectal ring in the lower quadrant of the elepticillian core will be exposed to the radiation, produced not by the sun, but by the Romulan Forcillian Captuary. Our only hope is that Captain Kirk can penetrate the time septic in the Villian Obitor region and help us release the build-up of gases, using the Rodiant Pentercil that they used on plantet U-R–75. If the balloon can be penetrated with this uptillian needle, the gases may be released and captured, and used by Captain Kirk and his crew to power their Migdion power source, thus leaving this planet to boldly go where we will not, if we do not stop this imminent catastrophe of Mesozoic proportions. Thank you.” ~Kilmoturtles

Photo by fgreen70 on stock.xchng

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