*August 2015 update: Sunshine Crate made some significant changes recently that includes no more “chosen items” (although you can see some spoilers and make requests via Facebook) but more name brand clothing brands, expansions to the accessory options (hats, belts, and headbands as well as jewelry), and a new pricing structure. Current prices: Mini Crate = $48 (2 clothing items and 1 accessory), Master Crate = $98 (4-5 items of mystery clothing and 1 accessory).


Golden Tote and Sunshine Crate are both surprise clothing boxes, with several similarities and a few key differences. I have tried both and the biggest difference is that Golden Tote charges more per piece total ($50= 2 items), but offers greater customization to your style and preferences. Sunshine Crate is more affordable ($50= 3-4 items), but is less personalized/more random in terms of what you get. Sunshine Crate also offers an accessory as one of the items in each box, and Golden Tote does not (generally).

Both offer the ability to choose at least one of your items, both accept returns, and both have active Facebook communities for sharing, selling, and trading. There is also a good amount of overlap in terms of brands offered (Pink Owl, Flying Tomato, and Potter’s Pot to name a few), although I haven’t seen any exact duplicate items. Golden Tote is several years old and much more established, whereas Sunshine Crate is newly launched (in March of this year) and just getting started.

That’s the short version. Below I put together a more detailed side-by-side comparison for those who like specifics and may be trying to decide which service is for them. I can honestly say that I’ve tried both and enjoyed both (see my reviews here and here), so as long as you’re up for a surprise you really can’t lose.

Tote options:

$49 Small Tote – Choose 1, get one surprise

$99 Surprise Tote – Get 4 surprises

$149 Large Tote – Choose 2, get 2-3 surprises

Crate options:

$50 Choose 1, get 2 surprises plus 1 accessory

$85 Choose 1, get 4 surprises plus 1 accessory

$40 Accessory Crate: See 1 item (usually a bag or tote), get 2-3 additional accessory surprises ( jewelry, scarves, hair accessories or belts)


$10 below $149, free on orders $149+

Orders can take up to 2 weeks to ship during peak periods


$5 on all orders

Orders typically ship within a few days of purchase


Totes are available for purchase at any time, but new items launch on the first Monday of every month. While totes never sell out persay, individual chosen items often do (so options quickly become limited).


Crates are only available for purchase during limited sales windows that are opened twice per month. New crates launch on Thursday mornings typically, with sales closing the following Monday. Popular chosen items often sell out quickly.


Stylists personally curate each tote individually based on a detailed style questionnaire that covers everything from body shape to fit preferences, as well as a limited area where customers can leave additional notes and requests.


Pre-set personalization options are limited to size, but basic requests, such as items you don’t or won’t wear (rompers, for example), are encouraged in the notes section at checkout and are honored whenever possible.

So that’s the breakdown, did I miss anything? Which have you tried and which is your favorite?


* This post contains affiliate links.

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