image1Sunshine Crate is a mystery clothing and accessory box service that provides “young, unique, fashionable clothing at an affordable price.” They release a limited number of crates every 2-3 weeks in two sizes: 4 item mystery crates for $50 and a 6 item mystery crates for $85, plus $5 shipping for each.

You get to choose 1 clothing item in your crate, from a small list, and the rest is made up of clothing surprises and 1 accessory surprise.

Also about once per month they curate a limited edition “theme crate,” where everything coordinates with a particular theme — past examples are the owl crate and pineapple crate. Items in theme crates are already pre-selected, so all you select is your size (no chosen items).

Note: Sunshine Crate operates very much like Golden Tote but with one key difference: Sunshine Crate is a mystery box, not a stylist box. You can leave some basic notes, like “I don’t wear shorts” or “I prefer silver jewelry over gold”, but the rest is a total gamble. You must be up for fun!

So now to the review! Here’s what I got:

SunshineCrateJulyI ordered a 4 item, $50 crate (although I was given a discount on that price, for review purposes). The only style note I added was that I prefer silver jewelry over gold (for the accessory).

It arrived in a USPS Priority mail padded envelope, wrapped in tissue paper and with a handwritten note personalized to me. My invoice was also handwritten. Very charming. Also it’s worth mentioning that the shipping is crazy fast for a clothing box: I ordered on Thursday, the crate was shipped Monday, and I received it Wednesday. Less than a week from start to finish!

SunshineCrateBlueMaxiFirst up my chosen item: Royal and ivory Pink Owl maxi dress. The fabric is substantial and very soft/drapey. The colors are a little bolder than I would normally go for but it was my favorite of the choices offered and overall I do like it!

SunshineCrateBalboaCardiSurprise 1: Balboa cardigan. This is a beautiful layering piece! The only problem is it’s a little tight in the upper arms. Fits great everywhere else so that’s a little weird. It’s a forgiving style/cut, however, and I am in the middle of losing some overdue baby weight so I think just a few lbs should fix that issue. On the whole I think this is my favorite item in the crate and makes the whole thing worth it. I can never have too many layering pieces, and I’m loving the colors, asymmetrical hem, and lace detail.

SunshineCrateHawaiianSurprise 2: Hawaiian summer dress. This is such a sweet and pretty dress, and it’s comfortable and very flattering on. Unfortunately it is a bit too short on my 5’11” self, and is a little too specific to summer to work with leggings or tights, so I don’t think I’ll really be able to wear it. Boo. :(

SunshineCrateBirdAnd last but not least my accessory: silver bird necklace. Love it! Squealed a little when I first saw it, actually. Not nuts about the pink charm dangling off the bottom but if I take that off it’s an absolutely darling bar necklace.

Summary: I am pleasantly surprised! 3 out of 4 items are/will be totally wearable. I actually feel pretty lucky that I came out as well as I did considering Sunshine Crate knows almost nothing about me and they stock a wide variety of clothing styles, from shorts to rompers to tops and dresses, many of which make a bold statement with bright colors and unique cuts. The clothes are of good quality, however, and the jewelry is fun (although a little more on the inexpensive side).

Overall I think the crates are a good value, and an awesome adventure if you’re open-minded about fashion, and up for working with new pieces that you would not have otherwise chosen for yourself. I for one find value in the surprise itself, and the possibility of discovering something new, and for that Sunshine Crate is great.

Also, they have a fairly active Facebook community (at where women share their crate reveals, styling advice, etc., and buy/sell/trade some of the items that don’t work for them. I was able to successfully sell my Hawaiian Dress to another gal in the group, which was awesome. I recouped a little of my cost (I didn’t ask for much), plus it’s always nice to find a good home for something in your closet that you know you won’t wear.

On the whole, I’m a new Sunshine Crate fan! I’m really looking forward to trying another crate sometime soon.


And now, since it’s fun to be a part of a new business when it’s just getting off the ground, I thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A with Sunshine Crate Owner Sarah Bailey.

Hi Sarah! So when did Sunshine Crate first launch?
March 2015
What inspired it?

My mom mainly. She has been house ridden since December due to her battle with breast cancer. She had the idea for me to start selling clothes online, which I started doing and she would wrap everything up like I mentioned above and then I tried some mystery boxes and they sold out in about 15 minutes. So then we started our little business.
Where does the name “Sunshine Crate” come from?

Well I wish I had a interesting story for the name but I don’t. I love the color yellow because it’s so bright and makes me happy like sunshine so that’s where sunshine came from. I try to use a lot of patterns and bright colors in my crates so sunshine also reflects that.
What do you think is the #1 thing that sets you apart from other similar fashion services?

We are affordable to the average person and have very attentive customer service!
Can you let us in on any of your plans for the future as Sunshine Crate grows in coming months and years?

We may switch to a large, once a month sale, instead of two smaller sales, but I haven’t decided yet on that.
Where is the best place to find Sunshine Crate online?

Our Facebook page is the best place! I am on there everyday communicating with customers.

And just for fun:
How would you describe your own personal style?

Boho, Country, Trendy, Classic. I like a lot of styles.
What’s your current favorite thing in your closet?

My Sky’s Are Blue jacket from GT or my pineapple tunic from our theme crate.


You can find Sunshine Crate online at and Facebook at:


Note: I was given a discounted crate in exchange for this review.

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