From someone who has only seen rhinos at a zoo, in a space way to small for them to even stretch their legs properly, congratulations and thank you to Raoul du Toit! He has been awarded the “Goldman Prize” for his efforts in saving the Black Rhinos in one of the last natural habitats available to them (and it’s shrinking). They are brutally killed for their horns, which is made into powder that is believed to have amazing medicinal properties (really it has no benefits whatsoever) and sold on the black market, and they are quickly disappearing. Education and an information campaign to counteract these ridiculous beliefs needs to permeate the cultures that buy into this stuff and I know they are trying. Raoul especially. The award is not without benefits either… $150,000 to continue his war against the poachers. I think that number needs to be at least tripled, but it’s a start. God bless you Raoul Du Toit!

Picture by Petr Kratochvil

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