Milky Way GalaxyAn amazing discovery by the Kepler Space Telescope: possible earth-like planets orbiting a star like our sun! I think that we are reaching a level in technology that allows us to realize that the more we learn the more we realize how very little that is in relation to what’s out there. Like the first time you stand at the edge of a vast ocean. It dwarfs you, giving you a very humble and healthy perspective. Although such a tiny part of it how very unique we are in the midst of this spiral galaxy we call home. It will be fascinating to see what else Kepler finds out there.

“Kepler can only see 1/400 of the sky. Kepler can find only a small fraction of the planets around the stars it looks at because the orbits aren’t aligned properly. If you account for those two factors, our results indicate there must be millions of planets orbiting the stars that surround our sun.” ~ William Borucki of Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA

Photo courtesy of NASA

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