*This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information.Esme will be just shy of 6 months old this year at Christmas, and coming up with small gifts to give in her stocking and to round out under the Christmas tree is not quite as easy as my toddler’s assortment of Hot Wheels, fruit leather, and a marshmallow Santa. So what do young babies want? Well, at this age it’s really more about what do young babies need, or what do mom and dad want to give?  Here are a few small gift ideas that baby should have fun with.

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

These are fun and colorful, and so handy for throwing in your purse and diaper bag for fun on the go (and if you lose one here or there it’s not a big deal).

Organic Wooden Montessori Toy

If you’re anything like me you have enough brightly colored plastic toys in your life to choke an elephant. So hello sweet little wooden bird and elephant. Their simple design harkens back to simpler times, and if a rattle/teether can be called charming, these are.

Oball Shaker

But if you don’t quite have enough plastic toys in your life yet to choke an elephant, this shaker is one of those go-to must-haves for babies who are just starting to grab and explore with their hands.

Meeshine Newborn Soft Sole Crib Shoes and Slippers 

Is it weird that I want a pair of these teeny little fuzzy slippers for myself? They’re just SO cute! Baby slippers come in so many shapes and sizes, these particular ones come in four different colors and sizes to fit from birth to 18 months old. (And they make such a sweet keepsake!)

Mayapple Baby Suri the Octopus Teether

You can’t have too many of these silicone teethers around, and this one is so cute with its sweet little face and easy to grip shape. Medical grade, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe.

Baby Fresh Food Feeders

These little mesh bags make it possible to give your baby whole foods with no risk of choking. Apples, bananas, chilled for teething if necessary — only flavor and the smallest particles make it through.

Put Me in the Zoo
I remember this book from when I was a kid! Such a classic. Great for teaching colors, and appreciating individuality. And available as a baby-friendly board book.

Estella Organic Octopus Lovey

Can’t go wrong with a plush lovey and security blanket! Made for snuggling, I like the gender neutral design of this one with a sweet smile and little octopus legs hanging down.

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Rattle Moon Stroller Toy

Aw, this little moon’s sweet face makes me feel so peaceful. This is another one of those “can’t have too many” baby essentials.

Natural Wooden Rattle with Organic Grains Inside

A little piece of art as well as a baby rattle, it’s real wood varnished with linseed oil and organic seeds inside make for a quiet rustling. There’s also a bear version, and either would make a great heirloom keepsake.

Other ideas? If baby is eating solids, yummy fruit squeeze packs like these can also be fun. Merry Christmas!





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