Sirefly-car-chargerCell phone car chargers are one of those little luxuries you don’t think of getting until you need one, and we realized we needed one on the 6 hour drive up to Itasca State Park for a small family vacation last month. There we were, with our phone GPSs on full blast and the boys with their video games running out of steam, and no way to re-juice. We managed just fine, but chargers are so affordable it was a wake-up call to put getting one on the to-do list.

Sirefly-car-charge-2I’ve been reviewing a lot of products lately and was offered the chance to try out the Sirefly dual port car charger at a discount, and it’s a great little charger! I say ‘little’ because it is tiny, not even 3″ tall/long. Sirefly_Car_ChargerThat’s good because it fits nicely in the glove compartment or center console. Other nice features: it has dual ports, which means hubby and I can both charge at the same time, a blue light that indicates charging status (on=device charging), and the ability to recognize when the battery is full so it doesn’t stress it do to overcharging (so when the light turns off, you know to unplug). It also charges pretty fast — there was a significant percentage jump after just 5 minutes.

I don’t expect a lot from car chargers — basically they just have to charge stuff while in the car (ha). And the Sirefly charger does that so I’m happy! Plus the extra features are really nice. See it now on Amazon or search all car chargers (Amazon).



Note: This post contains affiliate links. I was given a discount on this product in exchange for my honest review.

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