It’s commonly known that most of us are overloaded emotionally and mentally. And it makes good sense to seek to simplify your day to day life in whatever ways make sense to you. Years ago I decided to paint for my living, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Although I am quite poor I am finally happy doing what really makes me feel productive and rewarded. It did mean sacrificing some things but only things I knew I could deal with, like living in a cold house in winter and yes, a sometimes hot one in summer. This article gives some good perspective on the subject and the best advice in the whole thing for me is something Gandhi said: “As long as you derive help and comfort from anything, you should keep it…” So being too extreme or going super minimalistic is not a good thing (it can actually cause stress) but almost everybody can benefit from living a simpler, cleaner life. I also liked the “four psychological needs” the author lists. Keep them in mind when you take some time to give your day-to-day a real close look and “simplify” where you can.

“As long as you derive inner help and comfort from anything, you should keep it. If you were to give it up in a mood of self-sacrifice or out of a stern sense of duty, you would continue to want it back, and that unsatisfied want would make trouble for you. Only give up a thing when you want some other condition so much that the thing no longer has any attraction for you.”


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