I love spending time in my jungle of a garden and flower beds. At this time of year most of what’s left is cleanup and preparing things for the winter months, but a very enjoyable task still to do is seed collecting. I save, and then sow some of the seeds where I want the flowers next year. I cast the seeds in drifts and see what happens — every year a little different, and nature does her part too, surprising me with such beautiful, natural looking stands of “volunteers.” The best thing about this is it doesn’t cost anything!

Some of the seed varieties I collect and sow in the fall are Euphorbia Varigata, Polygonum Oriental (“Kiss me Over The Garden Gate”, an antique annual), Fleabane, Queen Anns Lace, and Hollyhocks. If you enjoy this type of thing check out the Seed Savers Exchange, a non-profit organization preserving rare and heirloom varieties.

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