Sea glass! When you find it you know you have truly found a treasure. Even the name, “Sea Glass” is charmed somehow. Well here is someone that is sharing her collection of found sea glass with everyone. I love these earrings, little stacks of sea glass dangling from your ears, a way to keep the power of the wild seas close. Cindy and her creations are from Coventry Rhode Island.

“I have spent my entire life creating art, and for a good part of 30 years was a decorative painter, muralist, and art teacher. Always looking for a way to create, one day I was gazing at my big jar of sea glass that I had collected for many years. Such wonderful memories of strolling the beach and then that frosty color catching my eye! That color was sea glass! A pretty little shard of colored glass, softened by time in the ocean. Tossing and churning in the waves, surf, sand! As I looked at that jar of sea glass gems, I felt inspired to create something. And before I new it my beautiful gems turned into charming pieces of jewelry! I found a way to capture a little piece of the beach all year round in my jewelry-making!” ~Cindy

Lucky for us. Aqua Stacked Genuine Sea Glass Dangle Earrings, $21.50.

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