The Queen Anne’s Lace in my garden is blooming. This is one of the best cut flowers you can grow. It’s tough and drought tolerant, takes the heat (and we’ve had awful heat and humidity lately), stands up to the strong Nebraska winds, and is a host plant for swallowtail butterflies. It looks beautiful paired with other flowers (easy to grow garden favorites like Cosmos, Zinnias, and Black Eyed Susans) in the vase and lasts a good while, even the bud stage is delicate and charming. Long considered to be weedy, Katherine Hepburn helped change that when she declared it to be her favorite flower. They reseed easily but they are a biennial so you have to be careful not to get rid of too many young ones where you want them to bloom the next year.

Giving my eyes a rest from the close work of painting, I gaze out my window and watch as a Black Swallowtail flutters around the Queen Anne’s, laying eggs… beautiful summer.

Photos by Deborah Gregg

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