If you don’t have a bottle of olive oil in your kitchen pantry you need to remedy that right away. And be sure that you are getting a quality product. You can use this amazing oil in your diet, on your skin, and everywhere else — according to this article even polishing wood? Well why not. Definitely worth a try.

olive oilOne thing I know works from personal experience is olive oil as a treatment for dry winter skin. Simply put a little extra virgin olive oil on your finger tips, massage gently onto the skin of your face, then take a mildly hot wash cloth and hold it onto the different areas of your face till cloth loses its heat (like a facial steam ). Be sure to rinse and start with a mildly hot cloth for each area of the face. Afterwards rinse cloth out well in hot water and gently go over your face a few times to remove excess oil. Do not wash your face with soap after this and do not apply other moisturizers. Do this treatment before going to sleep a couple times a week. You may find you like the results better than any expensive moisturizer you’ve ever used.

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