No seriously, one way to improve your life for practically free is to take up hiking. Most of us have to be happy with very short “hikes” that are really just a walk to the post office kind of thing. :) But if you live any where near these amazing trails (The Sierra Club’s top ten picks) make a plan to visit and take a meaningful hike, for five miles or just one (that would be me) because there are other things to do while there too. My first choice would be Wyoming’s “Wind River Range,” and the “Grand Canyon” would be last on my list, only because I don’t like heights. If I could march around at the bottom of the canyon and then magically pop back up to the top, being careful to stay clear of the edges and of course never looking down, I would probably love it!

Hiking is something that grows on you. Years ago when we lived in Wisconsin we hiked almost every weekend at Bong State Park, in the winter it was cross country skiing over those same trails, and we became attached to the place, feeling the seasons move through the country and us. We felt like it was our backyard, even looking out for the wildlife there (destroying traps illegally set). So find a place that’s close if you can and take up hiking!

Photo by sarame287

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