Bad Hair DayI got a new haircut last week and I’m struggling with whether I love it or hate it. It was already pretty short in the back but this new cut took the long angled layers in the front out of the picture and so now it’s short all over — like above-the-ears short. I didn’t realize until now how feminine it feels to have random pieces of hair swinging around and flopping into my eyes during the day, and I really miss having something to tuck behind my ear or pin out of my face while I’m working.

But that’s not to say I think the haircut is a total bust. I styled it for the first time Saturday night and after some experimenting I think it turned out pretty cute. My hair is very fine and fairly curly and the shorter length means it’s healthier and less weighed down, extra fluffy and full of body. My mom (she’s the only one who cuts my hair) did a great job shaping it and when I flip out the ends especially it looks young and hip and flattering. Getting ready on Saturday I started out frustrated but ended up really in love with it. For a few hours at least I didn’t miss my old floppy layers and ear tucking.

And now I’m back to mixed feelings. Maybe it’s just the sudden change that I’m having trouble with? Regardless if I’m dealing with a temporary state of shock or a permanent case of dislike I’m not sorry I got the cut — I wanted to try it and if I didn’t I would always wonder. Plus I’m not convinced I won’t come to love it after another few days of adjustment, and of course hair always grows back — in just a few weeks I’ll have to decide whether I want to let it grow out or get a trim to maintain it where it’s at.

I wish I had a better picture but you can sort of see it in this one. I suppose if I end up liking it you’ll see it again!

Rigel Celeste short haircut

My new short haircut (wow my nose is enormous).

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