Early Saturday morning an arctic front came barreling through here, creating dangerous blizzard conditions. All the roads were closed, some still are, and I am battling the cold with two electric space heaters! What? Yes, I am an idiot. I called the gas co. to come out and start the little wall heater for me finally. On Friday…afternoon. I know, sort of short notice, but I wanted to have the house clean before they came. And then of course, they couldn’t come till Monday. The wind has been the worst of it. Gusts up to 50 miles an hour have pushed the below zero temps into this old house, but thankfully that is all over today. But it really helps in identifying where the air is coming in as I spent a couple of hours stuffing and taping little cracks and crevices. The high will only reach 12° this afternoon but the wind has died down. At the moment the thermometer in the dining room reads 41° — not bad! Ha! They said it would be sunny today, so where’s that sun when you need it? Heck, where’s global warming when you need it?! I am trying to stay busy (have on many layers and wearing a hat!) and I am dreaming of the indoor thermometer reading in the mid 50’s by tomorrow evening. Won’t that be grand.

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