We tend to want things neat and ordered. In our outdoor environments too, but that can spell death to many creatures that must inhabit our spaces and yards, or face becoming homeless as we chop and clear things to make way for… not much that’s of any use. In the end (and we are coming up to that) this attitude has hurt us all. It’s time to let it go a bit wild! A managed wilderness if you will. Choose lawn replacement plants (I am growing white clover) and natives from your part of the country. Grow trees that give back blooms for the bees and other pollinators and fruit for us and the animals. It’s work at first, and as more and more people join and change their outdoor spaces to harbor life, not kill it, we will all love what we see, be comfortable in it, and all will be the better for it. This very old Celtic song is about a giant, ancient oak tree that was cut down and how its loss was felt. It’s sad and haunting but beautiful and very timely.

“Bonny Portmore” sung by Loreena McKennitt

Photo by steve1962

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