Bee in a Cosmos by Rigel CelesteEvery year the numbers grow — people are starting gardens for the first time in their lives in whatever space they can find. With the news reporting almost daily on all kind of horrors happening in factory farming the trend to grow your own is picking up steam. I have an average-size yard and most of it (especially the backyard) is a garden, with grass growing only on pathways between garden beds. At the growing season’s height it is a wild wonderful jungle of life where bees, butterflies, birds, toads, rabbits,and garter snakes among others call it home. It is therapy for me, I love to just watch it grow, not to mention the main reason I have a garden: healthy, clean, free food. I love this article about planting your front yard with vegetables instead of having a “dead zone” out front. As the world changes we may find this kind of thing is a must, like it was back in WWII times when people planted “Victory Gardens” in every available space.

So even if you only have a deck or balcony you can grow your own organic food. Make this the year you commit to it. And for those things you really can’t grow buy organic from your local farmer’s market. Happy gardening!

Cucumer bloom by Rigel Celeste

Photos by Rigel Celeste

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