iphonecasewaterproofRunning armbands seem like a simple enough product (it’s just something to hold your phone on your arm while you run, right?) but the last one my husband bought turned out to be more frustrating than useful. So we’re trying a new one, this one sent to us at a discount in exchange for this review, from i2 Gear.

Features: It’s designed to fit the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6 (4.7″), but it’s basically a stretchy pocket on a band so it will also fit any other similarly-sized phone. The best part? It fits hubby’s phone while it’s still in its protective case! That was the big frustration with the last armband — he had to pop the phone out of the case every time he went running. What a pain.

iPhoneRunningBandReviewThe band is a mix of nylon, velcro, and neoprene, and hubby says it’s comfy. It fastens via velcro and it doesn’t shift or move on his arm, which is good. There’s a little pocket for a single key, small holes in the top and bottom for headphones access, and the silver band around the phone is actually reflective material for a little added safety in the early morning/late evening. Also the band is supposed to protect your phone from moisture (sweat, presumably) but I wouldn’t trust it in the rain due to the headphone openings and the fact that the opening in the back that you slide your phone through doesn’t actually close.

The i2 Gear iPhone running band is inexpensive and functional. It’s simple, no frills or fanciness, but it gets the job done for cheap. And that’s good!

Interested in getting one for yourself? Find it on Amazon.

Note: I was given this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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