How to get taffy out of carpet, lego man pointing gun at surprised and scared taffy on carpetingI had a scary moment earlier. It was evening, and I had just finished getting both kids to bed and was ready to sit down for a little Netflix-and-herbal-tea when I straightened the coffee table just a little and uncovered something that froze me in my tracks. A big piece of yellow salt water taffy (banana?), mostly unwrapped and almost totally ground into the carpet.

I stared at it like a deer in headlights for several seconds.

I’ve cleaned a lot of scary things out of my carpet (I have two under 5, so you can imagine) but something about that sticky, ooey gooey taffy all mashed and incorporated deep into the carpet seriously shocked me. This was a first. I had no plan!

So off to Google I went, and boy did I get some bad advice.

Among the suggestions: use dry ice to flash freeze the taffy and then chip it apart with a butter knife, use ice cubes to freeze the taffy (I’m sensing a theme here) and then chip it apart with a butter knife, use a comb to pull and yank the taffy out of the carpet, and cover or soak the taffy with peanut butter (!?!) to loosen its sticky grip.

None of those felt right (or reasonable).

And that’s when it hit me: taffy is “melt in your mouth” goodness, so hot water should do it. Right??

And it did, miraculously. Just a small bowl of hot water and steady dabbing with a sturdy old hand towel, and that taffy was completely gone in less than 5 minutes.

You’re welcome!

how to clean taffy out of carpeting, smirking taffy on carpet under tableHow to get taffy out of carpet

– a bowl of hot water

– a sturdy rag

– about 5 minutes


  1. Get as much of the taffy off the carpet as you can by hand (just pull it up!).
  2. Wet a sturdy rag with hot water and alternate pressing and holding on the taffy (to soften and dissolve it), and dabbing/gently rubbing the taffy.
  3. Don’t use too much water — damp will do! Too much moisture will just spread the stickiness and color into a wider area.
  4. Continue blotting, re-warming/refreshing the water as needed from the bowl. If the water cools get fresh hot water (hot = softer, meltier, more dissolving taffy).
  5. Continue until no sign of taffy remains.
  6. If a colored stain remains after all the taffy and stickiness have been removed, use your favorite carpet stain remover.

Did this work for you? Do you have another method that works better for getting taffy out of carpet? (Or have you tried the freezing and chipping?) Let me know in the comments!





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