walking in the mallMall walking is surprisingly pleasant and who would have thought that of all people the one to convince me to try it it would be a guy friend who loves watching football and drinking beer? I usually exercise outdoors but in the winter that can be really miserable. When I roped Ted into being my workout buddy (New Year’s resolutions, ha) he suggested getting out of the cold by walking at the mall. I don’t why I had such a negative impression of mall walking but I did. I said I’d try it but no promises.

And as it turns out I love it. Don’t get me wrong, as soon as the weather is nice I’ll be back outside, but mall walking is a great way to get moving in the dead of winter. You’re out of the weather in a nice climate-controlled environment, there’s always water and a bathroom nearby, and it’s safe for people who walk alone. Depending on your mall stairs and escalators can provide an extra challenge, it’s rarely busy first thing in the morning so no worries about running over slow-moving shoppers (some malls even open the main doors early just for walkers), and when you’re finished with your workout you’re conveniently close to shopping, errands, or a cup of coffee and lunch. And best of all it’s totally free.

The only down sides are that my dog can’t come along and it can get boring walking around the same loop over and over (I highly recommend bringing a friend for conversation). Winter’s almost over so for me the mall walking season is too, but I’m glad Ted made the suggestion and convinced me to try it. If you’ve never tried it check with your local mall and see if they have an official program (although it’s not required) and see these mall walking tips from Prevention for pointers. Happy walking!

Photo courtesy of achimh on Flickr

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