What is a crunchy mom? Quiz Mom walking on dirt road with daughterCrunchy mom vs Silky mom. Crunchy-mom this, “semi-crunchy” that… have you ever wondered where you fall on the Crunchy Spectrum? Yes, like most things these days it isn’t an all-or-nothing thing (well, maybe for some sanctimommies) but a gradient of crunchiness that spans from Silky to Scrunchy to Crunchy. Take this quiz and find out once and for all how crunchy, or not, you are.

Hint: You can take the quiz how you wish you were, or how you really are, either way works! Just be consistent for the most accurate results.

QUIZ: How Crunchy Are You?

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1. How do you feel about vaccinations?

Where do your kids go to school?


How much screen time do your kids get on a daily basis?

4. Diapers: Disposable or cloth?
5. Organic: yes or no?
6. Where does your newborn baby sleep?
7. How often do you get fast food or order pizza for dinner?
8. How long would you/should you/did you breastfeed your baby?
9. What's your ideal birth plan?
10. How do you take out the trash?


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