Today is John Muir’s Birthday. He would have loved that there is now an “Earth Day” (tomorrow!) but I’m sure royally disappointed with the state of the natural world. Because since his time we have advanced at such an astounding rate but here we are, our world decaying, greed and apathy rule. I think he lived a good life and achieved so much but at the end it was losing a fight for something dear to him that killed him, he was old and the sadness at this loss wore him out and took him down…

“Muir and the Sierra Club fought many battles to protect Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada, the most dramatic being the campaign to prevent the damming of the Hetch Hetchy Valley within Yosemite National Park. In 1913, after years of effort, the battle was lost and the valley that Muir likened to Yosemite itself was doomed to become a reservoir to supply the water needs of a growing San Francisco. The following year, after a short illness, Muir died in a Los Angeles hospital after visiting his daughter Wanda.” ~The Sierra Club Biography on John Muir

We are still up to no good it seems. Always coming down on the wrong side of things. It may be too late but we can still choose to change.

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