Yesterday was Paul Cezanne’s birthday (thanks for the heads up Google). He was born on January 19th, 1839. He was considered a master and a revolutionary artist but I have to admit, I am not a fan of his landscapes. One thing we don’t have this far out in the distant future from when he was here on earth painting is his own honest opinion of his work.

Paul Cezanne Painting

For example, I can hear him working on this valley scene, mumbling to himself “Well goodness me,” (or @!##!!!! ) “I have the colors right… why isn’t this working!?” And then he just parked it because he was sick of working on it. And years later we have comments like (and i quote) “as in his landscapes, Cézanne ignores the laws of classical perspective, allowing each object to be independent within the space of a picture while the relationship of one object to another takes precedence over traditional single-point perspective.” Which translated means: “What a mess!”

Paul Cezanne Flowers

I just wonder which pieces he loved and thought were a success. I do like some of his still lifes though, like this one. Really nice, way to go Paul!

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