Isn’t this handmade creation just beautiful? It has gothic charm, a Medievel feeling. You can just imagine the fires crackling in the massive fireplace in old times, as the winter snows fall outside the stone walls, candles burning to add extra light as the bride, in her earthy textured dress, readies herself for a winter solstice wedding. This piece is made to order, handknit using wool, with a cotton lining (right, brides should never be itching themselves). The patterns and fit are flattering (notice how great the back looks, so important at a wedding) and the winter white color is perfect not only for a winter wedding (this dress way outshines the tradtional wedding dress, makes them all look tacky somehow) but could also work for any special occasion. Muza uses handmade, eco-friendly packaging. An amazing piece. Handknit wool and cotton wedding dress by Muza’s Workshop, $450.

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