ELLE magazine really knows fashion! Wow! This “Gotta have it” look works in so many wonderful ways. And I quote: “Varying textures are the key to mastering a layered look,” and master it they did. The many, many textures overwhelm the senses, leaving the beholders bewildered and suddenly wanting to pull out their wallets and give a dollar or two. The only layer missing (one that I feel really would top off this look) is a handwritten sign in magic marker on perhaps a piece of cardboard. And as an added plus, be prepared to rake in the money while wearing this ensemble (carry a tin can or other small container with you). One important note: Smiling is not suggested in this outfit. The model, moments after this was taken, began to laugh hysterically and they had to call a break while she regained control.  : )

Lets face it, you have to have alot of confidence to wear this collection of items, all together, at the same time… But it’s a new year and a new you so say it loud, “Streets of _____ (insert name of your city or town), here I come!”

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