No, it really does sound wonderful to me. Still so humid and hot here in Nebraska, it really does help to picture myself on the wild rocky shores of Maine, breathing in the cool salty air, waves washing over my feet.

Ninety miles north of Boston is the”Kennebunks,” a collection of coastal communities. Most everyone has heard of Kennebunkport (Cape Porpoise is a small village located on the shores of it), the most well known in this group of small towns and villages. Goose Rocks Beach is 3 miles long (one of many beaches, the area boast 35 miles of public beaches!) with white sands, and it’s a favorite of locals because it’s quiet. There is no commercial anything on the beach, no where even to buy a soda, so pack your own lunch if you want to stay awhile.

Take time to visit the Goat Island Lighthouse (it’s haunted) or if shopping is your thing there’s charming gift shops and artists galleries. “The breathtaking beauty of the Kennebunks has drawn artists from near and far for decades. They find incredible inspiration in the ever-changing mood of the sea, the tranquil beauty of a tidal inlet or the special kind of sunset only the coast of Maine can provide.” Also open-air markets for fresh local produce.

So much history in these little towns (Cape Porpoise was named in 1612!) so taking one of the many History Walking Tours is a fun option. Check out all the other wonderful things to do in the “Kennebunks” area here. And of course you should stay awhile. Consider the historical, eco-friendly Nonantum Resort, a bit of luxury with everything you could want, located on the shores of the Kennebunkport river.

So I am walking the beach, finding interesting bits of shells, the cool sea air filling me with such energy and good spirits… wish you were here! :)

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