*This post contains affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.Golden-Tote-Skull-BagGolden Tote is a monthly fashion “grab bag” where you choose 1-2 clothing items from a list of options and then get 1-4 surprise items (from a different “secret” list), personally chosen for you by a stylist. New totes (meaning a new list of both optional and surprise items) are released on the first Monday of each month flash sale style: limited quantities, first come first serve (there are limited restocks). Some styles carry over if they don’t sell out in their initial launch month, but for the most part everything is new every month.

Note: The totes are getting so cute lately! No more plain gold designs (although those were fun too) — last month and now this month have featured lots of color and really creative designs. These little sugar skulls are perfect for Halloween.

Golden-Tote-October-UnboxingTotes come in three sizes: Small for $49 (2-3 items total, choose 1), Large for $149 (5-6 items total, choose 2), and Surprise for $99 (4 items total, choose none). Shipping is $9.95 per tote, free for orders $149+.

You can see all my Golden Tote reviews here.

Golden-Tote-Style-ProfilesGolden-Tote-Style-Profiles-2So it’s worth noting that I did something a little different this month and set my profile to “boho” only. As part of the style questionnaire (for the surprises) you get to choose from 6 different styles, as many or as few as you want, and ever since I started I’ve been Boho, Casual, and Feminine. But the most unique and interesting pieces have always been the flowy, layered, boho-ish ones, and I was feeling adventurous, so I eliminated all but boho!

Without further ado, here’s what I got:

GT-REview-Fate-Ombre-SweaterIMG_2196Chosen #1: Shades of Grey Sweater by Fate So soft and pretty, and I’ve been loving the ombre trend lately. And it fits pretty well. It’s made of angora wool, so a little bit itchy, but overall I love it.

Golden-Tote-Shearling-SweaterIMG_2189Chosen #2 Bundled Up Shearling Sweater by Naked Zebra This is incredibly soft, and a wonderful and flattering drape. Very warm with the faux shearling layer in front, but has knit jersey sleeves and hood to keep it from being too heavy. The sleeves are a little too snug to layer much underneath, but otherwise I really love it!

IMG_2199IMG_2201Surprise 1: Potters Pot Pant with Zippers These are interesting. My first pants/bottoms surprise from GT! They fit like leggings, and actually fit pretty well except maybe a little short (I’m almost 5’11”). The zippers are interesting too, although generally I wear tops that cover the tops of my leggings and those won’t show. Also zippers at the ankles, that will also likely be hidden in boots (because they’re a little short). We’ll see about these.

IMG_2179IMG_2180Ellison V-Neck Sweater Tunic/Dress Not exciting, but a really nice comfy basic for everyday, which I need. It’s a great color for me (the top picture is most accurate), 100% cotton so it’s easy to care for (a lot of GT clothes are rayon and ‘hand wash only’), and it’s warm! Not sure I see the “boho” in this piece (fits more under Classic or Casual I think, by GT standards anyway) but I will be wearing this a lot this winter with leggings and boots.

Golden-Tote-Lime-Chili-Plaid-CardiIMG_2203Lime & Chili Plaid Draped Cardi This one is fun, and a big play on the current plaid trend that’s going around. Also a bit of boho going on with the drapey open front. A little edgy for me with the black leather (faux) trim, but it fits really nice and is very slimming. I like it.

Potters-Pot-Golden-TotePotters Pot Plaid Sleeve Top This is exactly the kind of top I was hoping to eliminate by going just Boho with my style profile, ha! There’s no way this is boho — ‘classic’ maybe? There is no ‘preppy’ option. Anyway, it’s a nice top and fits well (actually fits cuter than it looks), just isn’t me at all.

Summary: Overall a really good tote! One of my best ever, except for the fact that I was all geared up for some intense boho action and I really didn’t get it. There’s a little bit of boho here, in the red plaid cardi and maybe the black pants (although those feel more “edgy” or “trendy” to me with the zippers) but the sweater dress isn’t really boho (but I love it anyway), and that Potter’s Pot couldn’t be less boho if it tried.

Update: I shared my tote (like I always do) on the GT Facebook Trading Group page and customer service reached out to me to apologize for the lack of Boho in my surprises, and offered to send me two new boho pieces to make up for it!

Here’s what they sent:

IMG_2352No tote for these goodies, of course, but wrapped up pretty in brown paper.

IMG_2349A pretty gray draped-front cardigan by Oddi, with faux suede trim. Love this!!!

IMG_2351A forest green poncho sweater, love this too! Such a great color (this picture isn’t doing it justice) and I feel so trendy with a poncho now! Ha. Also it’s totally long enough to wear with leggings = big win.

If you decide to give Golden Tote a try use this link and I’ll get a small store credit.

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