*This post contains affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.Golden-Tote-July-2Golden Tote is a monthly fashion “grab bag” where you choose 1-2 clothing items from a list of options and then get 1-4 surprise items (from a different “secret” list), personally chosen for you by a stylist. New totes (meaning a new list of both optional and surprise items) are released on the first Monday of each month flash sale style: limited quantities, first come first serve. Some styles carry over if they don’t sell out in their initial launch month, but for the most part everything is new every month.

Totes come in three sizes: Small for $49 (2-3 items total, choose 1), Large for $149 (5-6 items total, choose 2), and the newly added Surprise for $99 (4 items total, choose none). Shipping is $9.95 per tote, free for orders over $149.

You can see all my Golden Tote reviews here.


First peek!

Fair warning: I did a terrible job on both the July and August reviews in that I completely spaced on photographing two of the items! They didn’t work for me and the Golden Tote Facebook Group is so awesome for being up for buying unwanted items I ended up shipping them off the same day I got them, and completely forgot to take photos. Blogger fail! Also this review is super late. I am also annoyed by this, and will be better in the future (you’ll probably see a bunch fairly close together, July/August/September, as I play catch up!).

Puella-Destination-DressChosen #1: Puella Destination Dress (black) Here you can see it on the lovely model, because this is the one I forgot to photograph this month. Usually Puella uses really thick, nice fabric and this was a fairly thin jersey. Plus it ran small, which is unlike Puella as well. It’s was still a great dress, however, just showed too many unsightly lumps and bumps due to the fabric/sizing combination. Off to a new home it went!

Down-to-business-blazer-GTChosen #2: Down to Business Blazer (charcoal) Threw the model in again on this one since the blazer looks totally horrible on the hanger. As a coincidence it also looked totally horrible on me! Way too small, actually. I guess I could have guessed that it runs small and has a “shrunken fit,” maybe, now that I see how snug it is on the model (and she has hardly any chest to deal with). Lots of women were looking to size up on this one after the fact, however, so mine found a new home quickly (whew!).

Le-lis-hi-lo-dress-stripedSurprise 1: Le Lis Striped Hi Lo Dress (green) Cringed a little when I pulled this out as it’s so summery and a fail in the ‘bra strap-friendly’ department, but once I got it on it’s actually super flattering. The hi-lo hem is really fun (the ‘hi’ in the front hits just below the knees, the lo in the back at lower calf/upper ankle) and the stripes hit in all the right places to really have a slimming effect. This is MN, however, so dresses like this are on their way out until next summer, but I think I like it anyway! Especially with a cardigan or something over it.

Lime-chili-aztec-trim-topSurprise 2: Lime & Chili Aztec Trim Top (beige) This isn’t awesome, with its faux ‘two layer’ look, but it’s not bad either. In theory it’s a nice comfy “running errands” shirt. That aztec pattern really isn’t me, but maybe I can get over that. It is really soft and stretchy, and it fits great.

Mak-B-Open-Cardigan-WhiteSurprise 3: Mak B Open Cardigan (ivory) Love this! Except it’s white. That’s a little tough with a toddler (and my ‘prone to spaghetti sauce spilling’ self) but it’s really slimming on and will go with everything. Plus I’m all about the cardis lately. Win!

Orange-Creek-Embroidered-Peasant-BlouseSurprise 4: Orange Creek Embroidered Peasant Blouse (Teal) My favorite thing in the whole tote! Made of a rayon blend so it’s really soft and drapey, great color, and because of the way the sleeves are actually attached to the body the whole thing moves in a really great way. Super flattering for my ‘mom-body-in-the-works’ too, love it!

Summary: Another couple of misses on the chosen items that I picked myself, but a pretty good mix of surprises! I do watch other “reveals” on the Facebook page and there are a LOT of clothes (everyone really does get mostly different stuff) so they do a good job, on the whole, of picking things that fit my personality. And aside from the hi-lo dress ‘bra-strap-friendly’ thing they followed my profile requests well also. Plus all these pretty clothes are totally motivating my post-baby weight loss goals! So still totally loving Golden Tote. :)

If you decide to give Golden Tote a try use this link and I’ll get a small store credit. :)

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