*This post contains affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.Golden-Tote-July-FlamingosGolden Tote is a monthly fashion “grab bag” where you choose 1-2 clothing items from a list of options and then get 1-4 surprise items (from a different “secret” list), personally chosen for you by a stylist. New totes (meaning a new list of both optional and surprise items) are released on the first Monday of each month flash sale style: limited quantities, first come first serve. Some styles carry over if they don’t sell out in their initial launch month, but for the most part everything is new every month.

Totes come in three sizes: Small for $49 (2-3 items total, choose 1), Large for $149 (5-6 items total, choose 2), and the newly added Surprise for $99 (4 items total, choose none). Shipping is $9.95 per tote, free for orders over $149.

You can see all my Golden Tote reviews here.

Golden_Tote_July_2015Fair warning: I did a terrible job on this review in that I completely spaced on photographing two of the items! They didn’t work for me and the Golden Tote Facebook Group is so awesome for being up for buying unwanted items I ended up shipping them off the same day I got them, and completely forgot to take photos. Blogger fail! Also this review is super late, ha. I am also annoyed by this, and will be better in the future (you’ll probably see a bunch fairly close together, July/August/September, as I play catch up!).

Puella-High-Low-Trapeze-DressChosen #1: Puella High-Low Trapeze Dress (black) The first one I forgot to photograph. Probably nicer to see it on the model instead of a hanger anyway, right? :) It was a really nice quality dress, just turned out to be really not-so-flattering on me, so off it went to a new home.

go-to-pocket-dressChosen #2: Go-To Pocket Dress (blue) Had high hopes for this one! And it wasn’t terrible, but it was a bit too short, plus the blue wasn’t such a great color for me. This one also went off to a new home before I got a photo.

Renee-C-Shift-Dress-Golden-ToteSurprise 1: Renee C Shift Dress (blue) I so loved this dress when I first pulled it out of the tote — really nice fabric and so soft, with such a delicate pattern, but no stretch and it was way too small. Like ridiculously small. I guess Renee C as a brand almost always runs small, so I’m trying not to take it personally. It also found a new home.

GT_July_2015_POSurprise 2: Pink Owl Paisley Tunic (blue multi) Love this! So flattering and such a pretty blue-gray color. Also really great for my weight loss plans as it’s super forgiving and can size with me quite a ways I think. Can wear it over leggings or skinny jeans, my favorite item in the whole tote!

Chris-Carol-Tunic-Embroidered-Crochet-PanelsSurprise 3: Chris & Carol Tunic with Embroidered Crochet Panels (white) Really like this. It has a great fit, drapes really nicely, and fits really well. The white makes it a bit challenging to wear with a toddler around, but I will work with it!

Teenplo-Floral-Top-Golden-ToteSurprise 4: Teenplo Floral Print Top with Lace Back (black multi) This actually fits really nicely, and is very flattering. I’m not entirely convinced it’s my style though. The floral pattern is really pretty, but overall it’s a little fancy for me. I can wear it to church maybe?

Summary: Definitely some fit and style issues with this tote, but most of those were with the ‘chosens’ so that’s on me. I do think they listened to my style profile on all but the last Teenplo top (I only chose “To park with the kids” and “Casual weekends” as my events to wear to, and I don’t think that top fits into either). Also the FB group makes it so easy to re-home the items you don’t want (and get your money back, generally) that it’s still really fun even when there are several busts. And I’m really really happy with the Pink Owl tunic, so on the whole this tote feels like a win!

If you decide to give Golden Tote a try use this link and I’ll get a small store credit. (This post contains affiliate links.)


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