I heard them before I saw them this morning while outside, I could tell by all the voices it was a big flock. Flying high (usually means they are seriously covering some ground that day) was a huge flock of Canada Geese and right behind it another large flock. It was like that all day. It’s amazing how these different groups all leave at the same time, the flyways growing crowded with others as well. I usually see some snow geese in the mix but not today. It’s wonderful to hear these amazing birds talking it up as they head to their warm winter homes. Others (possibly a bit dim-witted since Nebraska can have some extreme winters!) call my backyard their winter home. The Juncos are back and I saw a pair of Harris Sparrows at the birdbath, they might just be passing through though.

You don’t have to be a bird watcher to enjoy this seasonal event. Check out the different flyways and routes birds take and keep your eyes open for what may be passing through your backyard! To all the creatures that are migrating I wish you God’s speed and safe journey!

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