Kinship Circle helping animals in Japan

Kinshp Circle staff rescuing a cocker spaniel found hiding in tall grass in Minami-Soma.

It’s a tough, sometimes heartbreaking job but the members of Kinship Circle are doing their best and the animals of Japan are so lucky to have them. Daily making a difference for countless people and animals caught in the still unfolding tragedy in Japan, they are amazing people. Please say a prayer for them and contribute if you can. I hope they keep searching for survivors. A dog was found alive on top of floating debris, 10 miles out to sea. It is doing well, after somehow staying alive out there for over 10 days! Other people and animals could still be alive, hanging on, waiting for someone. God be with them and all those that are helping!

Man being reunited with his dog.

Photo (top) courtesy of Kinship Circle
Photo (bottom) courtesy of the Japanese press, posted on twitpic

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