GGO styles are made for an active, urban lifestyle with a focus on simplicity, comfort, and kindness to our planet. Founded in the early 1990s by artist Steve Sas Schwartz in Manhattan the brand is now based out of California and reflects Steve and his wife’s shared passion for yoga.

GGO has athletic and fashion apparel for both men and women available in a variety of fabrics including organic bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp. The organic bamboo is especially appealing as it’s fast growing, more effective than most trees at cleaning greenhouse gases from the air, wild farmed (uses no agricultural water), pesticide and fertilizer free, and results in a fabric with a wonderful feel, moisture-wicking ability, and natural antibacterial properties.

In addition to their general concern for our planet GGO has a soft spot for the world’s quickly vanishing tiger population — several sub-species are already extinct and many remain only in zoos. 100% of the proceeds from the GGO ‘Face of Extinction‘ tiger shirt (shown right) go towards media efforts promoting the plight of the tigers. Long or short sleeves, mens or womens, four color options, $50-$55.

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