*This post contains affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.Five-Four-club-Review-SeptFive Four Club is a monthly men’s clothing subscription service. For $60 per month you get a selection of clothing items valued at about $120 (they advertise it as a 50% discount). Five Four Club used to be a retail brand but is apparently now strictly available through the subscription service.

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Five-Four-Club-Sept-TeeFive Four Dallen Graphic Tee It’s a heavy-weight, comfortable tee that fits well. T-shirts aren’t exactly why you sign up for a service like this (especially when they feature bold and obvious branding like this), but it will get worn.

Five-Four-Club-Sept-JacketFive Four Bleecker Jacket I like but at first this jacket was a small disappointment, just because it’s so outside of the hubby’s usual style. But as it turns out he’s wearing it quite a bit so far! It’s lightweight and perfect for fall, and features the cute duck print inside the collar, and a bright yellow pocket lining. A dud turned win! (P.S. Those are his Five Four Club jeans from July, he just happened to be wearing them when I nabbed him to take pics).

Five-Four-socksFive Four McNairy Socks Super fun, and also pretty silly for a rural guy who works in manufacturing. I’m sure he’ll wear them eventually, but for now they haven’t been opened.

Total value: Not available. (This is a subscription-exclusive brand and values are no longer listed on the invoices.)

Summary: At first this month felt like a bust. The tee and the socks are nice but not that useful, and the jacket was questionable. Turns out the jacket has become a favorite, but it was still hard to justify the $60 price tag for one item. Hubby decided to say goodbye to the subscription before October, but was talked into staying a bit longer when they offered to drop the price tag down to $45/mo for the next three months (FYI they require a phone call to process cancellations) with the option to pause for up to 3 months after that. So October here we come!

Interested in trying Five Four Club for yourself? Use this link to get $30 off your first month (and we get credit too, yay!).

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