See's Custom chocolates Mix
One of my new favorite things is See’s Candies, specifically their custom mix chocolates. I got a box via UPS yesterday as a gift and WOW, they’re so good! You can mix and match exactly what flavors you want in the box and I’ve been having so much fun looking up and identifying all the different kinds in my mix.

"Apricot Delight" with apricot buttercream, chopped apricot, and toasted coconut

Not only did I love getting them (my family has been alerted to put it on the standby list for me) but I’m sold on giving them as gifts in the future. Nowadays people want less “stuff” they have to put somewhere and more consumables they can use up and enjoy and these chocolates are not only easy to order online but also a little personal because you can hand-pick the mix depending on who you’re giving it to.

Lemon Truffle Chocolate

"Lemon Truffle" with lemon chiffon buttercream

I think I might become a bit of a chocolate snob after this! The apricot and lemon truffle ones shown here are my favorites of the whole bunch I think, plus a raspberry cream one of which there were none left by the time I took pictures (ha).

box of chocolates

Happy Friday! Have some chocolate.

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